Dave is an urban planner and development manager with over a decade of experience in the Edmonton region and throughout Western Canada. A University of Waterloo graduate, Dave has built a career of overseeing the planning and development of projects in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Passionate about development, Dave’s skill set lies in connecting people and ideas, finding solutions where barriers form.



Dave Onishenko, MA.Plan Principal 


Ranon Soans, MA.Human Geo. Planner


Ranon is a geographer, planner, and recent graduate of the University of Alberta. He has a rigorous knowledge of planning, policy evaluation, and development, established through diverse experiences in urban research and analysis. Ranon is passionate about placemaking, urban design, and sustainability transitions, and enjoys using systematic thinking to better visualize problems and offer solutions. In addition to planning work, Ranon has focused his efforts within the development industry, where he has contributed to the expansion of co-work real-estate, the restoration of mixed-use heritage buildings, and the management of real estate assets.